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Children need to learn that paths are slick and rocky, but some lead to light. Image © Patrick Jennings Rocky ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #292 – Gray button (upper left corner) reveals widgets, – – above post (on phone) or beside it (on desktop). –

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When He Pulls Strings

Dancer’s wooden mask: leather hinges swing open. Drum throbs; shaman chants. ~ ~ ~ ~ Hinges swing shut as dance ends: hidden face; revealed spirit. Photo © Trustees of the British Museum ~ ~ ~ ~ Khan Academy | Transformation Masks – Gray button (upper left corner) reveals widgets, – – above post (on phone) […]

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Ornithocardiac Irony

I want an illustration for a short story that features a heart attack.  The image should be like an abstract expressionist painting of the idea of a heart attack, not a stock image.  While I don’t paint, I do take (and often edit) photos.  Can I edit one of my photos for my story?  Yes.  It’s a birdbath photo, of course.

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To Age Gracefully … or Not

While Freud’s quarrelsome trio was speculative and oversimplified, he was onto something: “the” mind may be a loose association of multiple partial minds (I’ll call them “miniminds”) that jostle for conscious attention and sometimes squabble.  Here is a comic misadventure due to one of my own miniminds that segues to another minimind’s way to treat toenail fungus.  BTW, it’s all true.

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The REAL Thin Blue Line

While defending the US Capitol on 2021-01-06, police officer Mike Fanone was dragged down its steps, beaten, zapped with a taser, and nearly killed.  Apologists for mob rule (provided the mob is white) were soon rebranding the rioters as tourists who were merely rowdy.  Now Fanone is defending the truth at great personal cost.