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Sunny Day at Niagara Falls

Wet thunder booms as water sweeps itself away. A rainbow lingers. Photo of Iguazu Falls © Marcio Chagas | Unsplash (Image has been cropped.) My haiku was inspired by the contrast between loud rushing water and a silent steady rainbow, as pondered by Boris Glikman in a prose poem about a visit to Niagara Falls.  […]

haiga, haiku, photography

Shells on a Sandy Beach

A crab lived and died. Empty claws and carapace sing an elegy. Photo © Patrick Jennings | Carapace and Claw Click on the link in the photo credit to read the photographer’s own poem inspired by the fine image. – Gray button (upper left corner) reveals widgets, – – above post (on phone) or beside […]

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Rondo con Chiaroscuro

With less dynamic range than my eye, my camera exaggerated the chiaroscuro in the images posted here.  But not too much.  With a nod to a common way to describe tempo in musical scores, I began drafting this post with the title [Chiaroscuro Ma Non Troppo].  Then I noticed a closer connection to music.  My sequence of images is a visual rondo.

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Flags, Moles, & Meanings

While pondering “the meaning of food” is rare, pondering “the meaning of life” is common.  Deservedly?  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.  ~ ~ ~ ~  Your life and mine are not arbitrary symbols used by a third party to communicate with a fourth party.  Don’t let sweating “the meaning of life” interfere with living.