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Haiga with Several Time Scales

Haiku poems commonly deal with events on short time scales.  In a split second, the frog jumps into the pond.  In minutes, the sunset fades.  In days, the cherry blossoms fall.  How about decades?  How about millennia?  They can show up too, along with the split second that a camera’s shutter is open.
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Sunlit Moment
|Mums are good silk fakes.
|Rock is real and will outlast
|both mums and viewer.

Dunno why the WordPress algorithm for choosing “Related” posts missed the one that is by far the most closely related: Weather’s Works.

9 thoughts on “Haiga with Several Time Scales

    1. The rock does come from an exotic planet with a combination of nifty features, each of which may be quite rare in the universe.  (Just how rare is not yet clear.)  Details are in books like Lucky Planet by David Waltham.  This oddball planet has lots of interesting rocks.  Also turtles.

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  1. Thank you for the thought-provoking haiku, Curmudgeon. Funny, I’m also testing my poetry-powers this week on haiku. Plan to post a few on Thursday. Meanwhile, we know what will even outlast that rock: The Rock of Ages!

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