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Vertical Shoreline

How can a shoreline be vertical?  Well, steep cliffs can plunge nearly straight down into the sea.  There may be a cave entrance right at the actual shoreline.  Do we dare enter the cave?  Perhaps (to borrow a few words from Patrick Jennings’ Challenge #220) a beautiful light awaits us there.
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Shoreline ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #220


Is the sea at Capri’s shoreline still as clear now as it was when I was there in 1977?  I hope so.


While we’re on the subject of clarity, let’s note that it is not clear whether the eponymous goats really did live on ancient Capri.  But it is clear that the island sited precursors of Mar-a-Lago for Imperial Rome’s fat tyrants.

From the outside, the Blue Grotto (Tiberius’ private pool) looks much like the (other?) grotto in my photo.  The view from inside is entirely different.

A cave entrance right at the shoreline can sometimes work magic.


Blue Grotto (Capri) [edited image]

Capri Shoreline, Long Ago
|Goats traverse cliffs while
|pink whale swims in blue grotto.
|Naked emperor.

10 thoughts on “Vertical Shoreline

    1. Yup.  A search for “Italy” on your blog came up empty.  So many places there could benefit from your skills and modern equipment.  (In 1977, I was a duffer shooting pushed Ektachrome.)  Food’s good too. 🙂

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          1. Thanks for the encouragement, Mellow.

            Never did go back to photography school. Ended up with a degree in Computer Science, of all things. Eventually landed in film where I work with camera operators, directors of photography and directors managing the set decorations and participating in setting the frame.

            That, and now I take a lot of photographs. Especially when I travel.

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  1. The blue waters of the cave entrance look really inviting. Quite the photo memories from an amazing adventure in the past. Love the first vertical view. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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