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Red Trillium

I often look at things from an odd angle.  Red trillium plants like shade, grow low, and have flowers that face downward.  Now is your chance to get a from-below view of a red trillium flower, in a mix of reflected and transmitted sunlight:


Figuratively, I sometimes “look” at a neat little thing from an odd angle to shine some light on a messy big thing with a subtle similarity to the little thing.  For example, there is a parallel between the history of a little word puzzle’s instructions and the history of a big idea in economics.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red

Some of my photos with prominent reds were used outside of CFFC.  The following images link to posts that use them in ways that may be surprizing.  Can U guess what ideas they illustrate before following the links?



(BTW, the [Menu] button atop the vertical black bar reveals the widgets.)

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