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Elmer’s Epoxy Epic

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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: 2018-08-12


? ? ? ?

What U see depends on when U look.
Here is the same detail under typical lighting:


A detail of what?
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A clever craftsperson repurposed some windows from an old house as suncatchers, with shards of colored glass held in place by clear liquid epoxy.  Alas, the epoxy components were not measured just right for the one I bought.  (It’s difficult.)  Sticky gunk oozed from cracks and seams after a few weeks of exposure to hot sun.

An epic battle between Elmer’s Glue and the rogue epoxy ended in victory for Elmer.  On one side of the suncatcher, a thick coating of glue was needed in some places.  I added more to make a whimsical mix of clear and cloudy, roughly 50-50.  The ratio is not so critical as when mixing epoxy.

My suncatcher is a good size for hiding the squirrel baffle above my hanging bird feeder, and it has withstood years of hot summer sun w/o having any gunk get past Elmer.  On the other hand, a few squirrels have gotten past the baffle.

5 thoughts on “Elmer’s Epoxy Epic

    1. The baffle is a wide metal cone, hanging with the point upward.  Right at the point there is a small hole.  The feeder hangs from a support that is mostly too wide for the hole.  The top of the support is narrow, goes thru the hole, and then connects to the cable that lets me hang the feeder in front of the window.  U can see the connection near the top of the last image.  Right at the top of the image, U can see the bottom half of one of the pulleys that let me lower the feeder to fill it.

      Glad U liked the images and the tongue-in-cheek epic.


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