5 thoughts on “Somewhat Immortal

  1. Sounds like the intro to a jump rope rhyme, followed, perhaps by something along these lines:
    … bartichokes,
    Smelly, stinky fartichokes.
    How many dead things did I dye?
    One, two, three…

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  2. Intriguing photo and words. You certainly gave the artichokes a beautiful afterlife. That vase is perfect. Your still life reminds me of a possible find in an Egyptian tomb. 🙂

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  3. Your posts are interesting in and of themselves. They also often elicit interesting responses, as are these from Sue, Woman Walking Max, and Olga. For me, this stimulated a memory from 6th grade. Our teacher, Mrs Halsey, walked our class outside to watch her pick an apple from a tree in the schoolyard. We came back in, then she held up the apple to the class and posed the question: “is this alive?” The interesting and lively discussion that ensued has never ended. Periodic events cause it to resurface … as with “Somewhat Immortal”

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