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Amy McGrath Is On Target

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I receive a huge number of appeals for donations, consider many of them, and respond to some.  Guessing that U already get more than enough duns, I almost always refrain from forwarding those I like, let alone the others.  The dun displayed below is so clever and funny that I will make an exception (and have made a donation).

The man who never put on the uniform to defend our country decided to blast his colleague Rep. Seth Moulton for helping fundraise for 19 veterans running for Congress, including me.

Party over country is all Barr understands.

Hey Andy, after I put the kids to bed, I fixed this for you.

Andy                                   Barr's Letter

You’re welcome.

– Amy

Click on either of the dun’s images to visit the website of Amy McGrath’s campaign to unseat one of the Trumpublicans from Kentucky in the US Congress.  It ain’t easy, but neither was flying 89 combat missions.

McGrath and Moulton are among the 36 candidates in Federal elections who are veterans endorsed by VoteVets.  While the other 34 are not all Marines, they still fight for right and freedom.  Cue the band.

|From the hills of old Kentucky
|to the swamplands of DC,
|she will fight our country’s battles
|in the air, on land and sea.
|Set to fight for right and freedom
|(beating back new fascist threats),
|she is proud to stand among them:
|thirty-six progressive vets.


4 thoughts on “Amy McGrath Is On Target

  1. With few people remaining capable of LISTENING to ideas regardless of which party initiates them, humor continues to be a reliable force capable of reducing tensions and overcoming instinctive defensive posturing. Both sides might consider turning to Webster’s Dictionary to better understand the meaning of the word COMPROMISE. Steadfast opposition displayed by both parties only contributes to further loss of confidence by the electorate. This gradually increases independent appeal creating opportunities for third party and or issue based candidates. Change will occur over time regardless if this change is supported or opposed by our current political system. Those in power, however, will never acknowledge the need for real change and progress toward creating a “new society”.

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  2. Thanks for the post and prompt. I had seen her interviewed and was impressed. I had made a mental note to donate but never did. So now, I just clicked the link and sent her one.

    As a former Republican and current conservative I struggle with watching friends and acquaintances, not just elected GOP’ers, drinking the Trump kool-aid. I lament the erosion of word meaning. Conservative used to mean less government, as a rule, and more individual freedom. It used to mean following the principles of prescription; changes should occur gradually and incrementally if a policy or institution is performing reasonably well. Unfortunately, I have a significant number in my circle that insist on literally yelling to me about how wonderful our new president is. I am confounded but believe the tide will begin to turn in Nov 2018.

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    1. Thanks for the donation and the link.  Your comment and the article U cited are welcome reminders that honest and thoughtful conservatism still exists (and is needed for a healthy society), despite the pseudoconservative triumph in Trumpistan.

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