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What Luther Did Before Nailing

Did U ever wonder how an outraged monk could be like a frightened squid while being quite unlike the squid in a closely related way?  Neither did I.  The answer hit me before the question.
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The answer hit me while I pondered an intriguing juxtaposition in

Haiku Poems: Grip (For Samantha) | Poet Rummager

that inspired me to write a haiku:

Squids and Scribblers
|Squids squirt ink to flee.
|Writers also (sometimes), but
|often to confront.

• Image from © Brad Scot Lark | ShutterStock
• Image cropped from © Michele Paccione | ShutterStock

Long after Martin Luther’s time, fundamental institutions have yet again strayed from their missions and been corrupted.  Of course, people write (and mesh their words with images) very differently now.  Writers depend on the media (rather than a trip to the hardware store) to nail things to doors.  But if U listen carefully, U can still hear hammering.


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Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “What Luther Did Before Nailing

  1. I enjoyed the political twist in your re-blog or should I say, “squid pro quo.” 😆 No one can take apart my Haiku as diligently as you do and then put it back together in the most unique and thought provoking way. I’m honored by your pings.

    Ink from a squid clouds the water and confuses the prey, yet the ink from writers are meant to make something much clearer. I do love your pen, Mel — it gives your brilliant brain the vehicle to launch your thousand ships.

    Can’t we have you as president instead of the low brow, single digit IQ dotard with which we currently are cursed? I know Martin Luther would agree with me. By the way, that hammering you hear is actually the human race pounding their heads in disgust and frustration.

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