Semper Fi

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Yes, the fighter jock on the left is also the married mom on the right.  This image is a screenshot from the Amy McGrath for Congress website, which is worth a visit from anybody who appreciates clear and communicative web design (whether or not they care about US politics).

After retiring from the Marine Corps (at the rank of Lt Colonel), Amy McGrath found a new challenge: running for Congress as a Democrat in Kentucky.  It’s not easy.  Neither was flying 89 combat missions.

Dunno whether McGrath is as progressive as I am, but I believe she has the confidence and smarts to avoid the Democrats’ common mistake running like decaffeinated Republicans in red states.  Some evidence is provided by the form (as well as the content) of the announcement video Told Me, which can be seen on the website and has made a splash on YouTube.  When was the last time U saw a campaign kickoff that was also a good short (2 minutes) film?  I like the calmly assertive no-nonsense tone thruout and the final image shown in the screenshot below.


The party affiliation is stated clearly, w/o fuss.  The image background is a subtle rebuttal of the common misconception that Dems are intrinsically wimpy, if not downright unpatriotic.  The subtlety is important.  Those who explicitly mention a misconception (even while refuting it) risk strengthening it in the minds of those they are trying to enlighten.  Good logic may not be good rhetoric.  Dunno how many good rhetorical details of the video and the website are there because McGrath put them in herself and how many are there because McGrath chose and trusted well-qualified people.  Either way, seeing such competence is a hopeful glimmer in a dark time.

Please visit Amy McGrath for Congress and watch the video.  U can see some good stuff w/o spending much time.  Those willing and able to donate just might get the satisfaction of helping a Marine kick some Trumpublican ass.


8 thoughts on “Semper Fi

  1. As one who has chosen not to identify with either major party, I always welcome various candidate views and the solutions they propose from their personal or party affiliated perspectives. Since I believe neither party holds the key to solving many of today’s issues, it is the individual (rather than the party) I choose to support. Thank you for sharing her video.

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    1. Agreed.  Nobody has all of the answers.

      As a progressive who was also wary of unintended consequences (and opposed to creative accounting and identity politics), I often preferred a particular Republican over a particular Democrat.  That was in ancient times.  Nowadays, Republicans have none of the answers (with a few isolated exceptions for 1 person’s stance on 1 issue).  Warren wing Democrats have some of the known answers; good answers to some big questions remain unknown.

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