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Waiting Impatiently for Autumn

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My previous posts about waiting for autumn were not CDHK responses.  My response to
Carpe Diem #1227 waiting for autumn
(Aki tikashi, Aki wo matsu)
is to update and reblog them.  They fit the prompt better than anything else I can offer now.


Prophet for a Day (posted 2016-07-21)

Soon after the wild daylilies have finished blooming, another flower in my yard turns to prophecy. The pale blue blossoms are long gone, but a few of the leaves on a few of the plants have another calling now. For about a day, they prophesy the next season.


Prophet for a Day
|Wild geranium
|(just one leaf for just one day)
|turns in high summer.


Fall Preview (posted 2015-09-01)


As happens in many years where I live, late August of 2016 was a sneak preview of fall, the year’s best season.  Days were still too warm, but more were dry and breezy while fewer were hot and humid.  A few cool nights led to chilly mornings, and I suddenly noticed that my garden flag with a picture of phlox was out-of-season.  The roadsides have goldenrod and purple loosestrife now.

Virginia creeper is turning, as are some red maples in wet areas.  Nearly all the healthy trees are still green, but there is a hint of yellow in many of those greens.  The process will slow to a crawl in September; I will spend much of that month grumbling when the weather backslides and thinking “C’mon! C’mon!” when I look at green leaves.


|Bright sun and cool air;
|azure skies and pumpkin pies.
|Leaves fall in glory.


6 thoughts on “Waiting Impatiently for Autumn

  1. I like the way your photos add further colour to your haiku. Over here in Oz I’m waiting impatiently for spring – some days at present it almost feels like it might just come early this year.

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