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Beyond Rules

While obeying many rules is common and often helpful, there are very few rules that must always be obeyed. I had thought that poems in haiku form must have 3 lines. Then I wrote a 2-line haiku.
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Rules Went Away
!Doorknob meteor shower:
!mundane miracle.

Have U read Alice in Wonderland ?  Expecting me to refrain from reworking an initial idea in my wordsmith’s forge is like expecting Alice to refrain from following a white rabbit who looks at a watch and frets about being late.  Ain’t.  Gonna.  Happen.


Rules Came Back
!Meteor shower
!seen by day in a doorknob:
!mundane miracle.

7 thoughts on “Beyond Rules

  1. I believe that if folks decide not to follow the traditional haiku format, they don’t have to, but then they shouldn’t call what they’ve written a “haiku,” because it isn’t. With that being said, I loved your doorknob haiku, and the photo of the knobs certainly have taken the look of a snow globe — quite stormy, indeed! Only a poet or mad scientist would find a storm in a doorknob. 😀 Enchanting post.

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    1. For several historical reasons, speaking of “the” haiku format is nowhere near as straightforward as speaking of “the” sonnet (or nonet or limerick or …) format.  Tho I was introduced to haiku as having 3 lines with syllable counts of 5-7-5 (and still write them mostly that way), I have long been willing to call any short 3-line poem a haiku.  Whether it is a good one is another question; many departures from 5-7-5 strike me as rush jobs.

      I really amazed myself by coming up with a 2-line haiku; would not have guessed I would ever want to apply the word “haiku” (or even the word “poem”) to something with just 2 lines.  One of the poll respondents (out of 3 as of now) prefers the 2-line version; I decided not to put in my own preference.

      BTW, fuzziness like that of the haiku concept appears in some odd places.  A striking example from STEM is the species concept in biology.  People sometimes define “species” in ways that presume sexual reproduction (pissing off microbiologists) and preclude hybridization.


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