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Seize the Sunrise

My tanka responding to a challenge posted by Patrick Jennings is a riff on the splendid photo he provided, with hills that seem to go on forever in both time and space.

Originally posted by Patrick Jennings in
[Evanescent ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #89]:


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Seize the Sunrise
Evanescent dawn.
Do hills endure forever?
No, but long enough.
~ ~ ~ ~
Art subverts time with pixels;
the moment also endures.

5 thoughts on “Seize the Sunrise

    1. Glad U noticed the allusion to “seize the day” in my title. Wish more people could read contracts as perceptively as U read posts. That would make protecting the CFPB from pseudoconservatives less urgent.

      I’m almost always in agreement with Orwell about preferring short words to long ones, but “evanescent” does sound pretty good and has no shorter synonym that occurs to me. (It was the prompt word anyway.) Still have not noticed any good reason to say “diminutive” rather than “tiny” other than very rare cases in poetry.

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      1. I loved the allusion. Your posts stir the intellectual side of me. I’ve always enjoyed your brilliance.

        How Obama must be so hated/threatened by the Republicans that in their rush to tear down his legacy, even laws that are in place to protect the citizens/country are repealed. Money and power reign supreme.

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