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Miracle: Satori from an MBA

A cascade of tongue-in-cheek posts and comments came to an abrupt end with a serious thought, but I recovered enough to continue semiseriously, with a short story about weirdness in the who and how of sudden enlightenment.
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It started so gaily.
A tongue-in-cheek haiku post about writer’s block led to
 a t…-in-c… comment that led to
 a t…-in-c… haiku post about Genesis that led to
 a t…-in-c… comment that seemed to
 merit a t…-in-c… reply.

But the volleyball hit the floor before I could whack it upward.

That last comment in the cascade included a question about a haiku titled Thus Saith the Lord:

What made U the lucky poet whom God speaks thru?

While the comment’s “U” is me and my claim to prophecy was indeed tongue-in-cheek (and perceived as such by the commenter), I could not get past the fact that many people do claim (seriously and stridently) to speak for God.  Many of those who are serious and strident are also willing to coerce people they cannot convince.  Many of those who are willing to coerce are also willing to kill people they cannot coerce.

lesson-learnedNON SEQUITUR © 2014 Wiley Ink
Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

While I could not just keep it tongue-in-cheek, I still saw the wisdom in Oscar Wilde’s remark that life is too important to be taken seriously.  So I continued semiseriously, with a draft for a weird story to end the original 2017 version of this post.  I have removed the draft here because the story has been thoroughly revised and now appears in an anthology of weird stories as Satori from a Consulting Gig.  The revised story was also posted to this blog, after I created an appropriate illustration.

I blanked out part of a comment from 2017 that appears below, so as to leave it for the story to reveal the who and how of a weird instance of satori.

9 thoughts on “Miracle: Satori from an MBA

  1. I’ve wondered what would happen if God stopped believing in himself? Would the universe cease to exist? Nah. We already have so many who believe they’re gods, themselves, there would be lines and lines of mini gods clambering over the pearly gates to take His place. Hmm; sounds plausible in a weird and frightening way. Don’t we already see those mini gods running around?

    Lol. I’ll just keep praying you continue to write your Haiku poems, Mel. 😁❤

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    1. Some yrs ago there was a good movie starring George Burns as God, followed by a not-so-good sequel with the same basic setup.  God (per Burns) had a wry sense of humor and was confident but not arrogant.

      Your idea of God losing faith in Himself could be the basis for a weird movie starring somebody like Woody Allen.  God (per Allen) seeing a shrink would be even weirder than God hiring a management consultant.  😀 ❤

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