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There are many images for the Biblical six days of creation, and one exuberant stained glass window is particularly apt for illustrating this post’s pair of haiku.  When God finally rested, did He just chill out?

The following photo of comes from the Witterings blog, which also has a fascinating discussion and beautiful closeup photos of the window’s details.


When God finally rested, did He just chill out?  In response to

(with some inspiration from The Write Idea | Six days), here are 2 haiku dealing with that question.

First Sabbath
 After 6 hectic days,
 writer’s block dissipated.
 God wrote a haiku.

Thus saith the Lord:
 The world I made
 is bigger and better than
 dogmas can describe.

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10 thoughts on “Genesis

    1. Glad U liked the haiku and followed the window link.

      Haiku #1 began as a humorous comment for the cited post about 6 days of writer’s block. Then I realized that it could also be a humorous intro for something deeper and eventually came up with #2.

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    1. Yes, the windows shown and discussed on Witterings are remarkable. I usually prefer simple and clear designs, but these windows are so full of clever details and so appropriate to both haiku that they won me over.


  1. Good to know we poets are in good company with God! Hmm… so, what made you the lucky poet whom God speaks through? — Lol. Much less complex than the poor prophets who had to pen the Bible. Haiku poems are more fun!

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