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Tho worthwhile, fact checking and well-deserved ridicule were not enough to keep Trump out of the White House.  I doubt that the current vogue for demonstrations and calls for impeachment will accomplish much either . While Trump does deserve to be impeached and convicted, it will not happen unless the 2018 elections flip Congress.  Pence as POTUS would push the same vile agenda anyway, and he might be even more effective by being less abrasive.  Hollering for impeachment is a distraction.

Boycotts might do some real good.  I thank Kurt, both for publicizing the boycott link and for introducing it so humorously.  The sane people will need their sense of humor to stay sane over the long and nasty years ahead.


Well, you can hit him there too if you have a good shot, but I’m talking about hitting Trump where it would hurt him the most — in his pocket book.

Are you aware of that wonderful anti-Trump movement called #GRABYOURWALLET that lists all the companies that either sell Trump products or support him or his brand in some way so we of sound minds and spirits can now find in one convenient location which places to boycott so we can discontinue giving him our hard-earned money to make him even more wealthy beyond our limitless imaginations?

Well, now you know.

Quite awesome, no?

I am surprised to see that Papa Johns isn’t on the list seeing how I thought the owner was a Trump supporter. If so, I hope the John of Pizza changes his evil ways because I have pretty much worn out my PJ’s phone app from…

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7 thoughts on “Hit Him Where It Hurts

      1. My eyes hurt too. I usually do some manual HTML fiddling rather than just click [Reblog], but this time it seemed OK to be lazy. I was astonished at how large and threatening the image became. Then I decided to leave it as is because DT really is like that.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog, as a new blogger, while looking for like minded bloggers. As an ironic twist of fate, I used to work for Papa John in 1994 when he owned a check cashing facility and was starting his pizza company. I plan to do a blog about it at some point! My 3rd blog post will be coming up this weekend. It involves Spanx and The Donald. Any feedback you have would be MUCH appreciated! Hope to post it on Saturday! I’ve posted two thing so far.. but it’s ON starting Saturday. Followed, and looking forward to reading more from you! -Marie aka http://www.goldisfromaliens.com


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