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I am slowly working on my own idiosyncratic response to the US Election Debacle of 2016. Meanwhile, I would like to reblog 2 very different responses that both deserve wide attention. Here is one of them.

Update 2017-10-16

Oops, the post reblogged here was from a blog that has since been deleted.  It showed a photo of Donald Trump with clown makeup and a silly grin.  Below the photo was some darkly humorous poetry to the effect that he would trash our little blue planet.

Now I have another reason to prefer getting the net effect of a reblog by manually excerpting from a post and adding my remarks separately (both in the comments section of the original post and in my reblog).  It is more work, but I have more control and will not be left hanging if the original post disappears.


5 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. While I do not really expect him to bring it down in the extreme sense of making it utterly uninhabitable, I do see a serious risk that the combination of zombie economics and climate change will lead to global suffering comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930-s.

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  2. I’m not as optimistic as you are, Mel. Having read/heard how he mismanages his businesses (i.e. Trump University), stiffs his employees, grabs women, makes raciist remarks, etc., etc., etc., I feel quite doomed.

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      1. Did you read in USA today how over 100k have signed up for ACA since he was elected? This will help bring down the premiums for everyone signed on. By the way, that’s a record number.

        Also the anti-Trump rallies all over USA? This guy will be the most hated president. I wasn’t surprised by folks’ reactions.

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