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3 on 1 on 3

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I saw something on 2016-07-06 that I had never seen before, in about 40 yrs of making daylily bouquets.  I saw 3 flowers blooming on 1 stalk.  It was on day 3 for a batch of stalks I had cut.  (By cutting about as many stalks with mature buds as with open flowers, I get a batch that supports 4 or 5 days of bouquets.)  While I see 2 flowers on 1 stalk much less often than just 1, I do see 2 on 1 often enough to take it in stride.  Seeing 3 on 1 was a pleasant reminder that there may still be new wonders to be directly experienced, even in the same old yard.


Hope nobody misconstrued the title of this post as a reference to a bizarre kind of group sex.

6 thoughts on “3 on 1 on 3

  1. I’ll just imagine the weird kinky sex stuff but tell you, although not a particular flower person…flower child once but that is a story for another day, however this picture is sensational and I can’t say I’ve seen a grouping like these either. ~~dru~~

    ps wish i had something pretty to send back but I tend to gravitate to the dark side.

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