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Spring from Another Viewpoint

A few seconds near the end of the delightful music video from a CDHK episode have inspired a haiku that looks at a familiar subject from an unfamiliar viewpoint.
(BTW, the [Menu] button atop the vertical black bar reveals the widgets.)

I consulted the plants in my yard for my first response to

Carpe Diem Special #194
A Trip Along Memory Lane — with a twist

but I did not consult my plants this time.  They might be shocked.

Spring from Another Viewpoint
|One fat little bird
|welcomes spring in its own way.
|Cherry buds are food.

6 thoughts on “Spring from Another Viewpoint

  1. Nice to see the words of Mellow Curmudgeon back on the screen. I appreciate the early welcome for Spring. I appreciate the angle you approach this lovely season from.

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    1. The video U can watch by following the link to [Carpe Diem …] is a little long and repetitive, but it does have interesting music and some nice sequences of birds nesting, as well as countless cherry blossoms and the little bird with its own angle.

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