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Long After the Sixties

When will things slide …

from liberty to anarchy?

from growing to shrinking?

from bravery to bravado?

from firmness to fascism?

from hope to rage?

The answer, my friend, has blown in on the wind.

The answer has blown in on the wind.

Fiscal Responsibility
|Debts rise; incomes fall.
|Hard times demand bold action:
|tax cuts for the rich!

9 thoughts on “Long After the Sixties

  1. Sad, but true. One can still pray for a different wind to appear. The linear bluntness of the form compliments the linear bluntness of the message. Yet the allusion to Dylan’s song (I was just listening to Peter, Paul and Mary sing it the other night) qives the poem a subtle lyrical backdrop.

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    1. Thank U. I considered ending with something like “The answer is … There is no answer” (where the ellipsis indicates a vertical stack of ellipses or some such) but decided to adapt the song instead. BTW, Peter, Paul, & Mary sang much better than Dylan.

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  2. It seems in life we never learn from history. We are a tactile people that need to feel pain before we accept that pain exists. The fact is, societal injustice exists well before the news media propagandizes it for ratings. We turn our heads away from reality until the bewitching hour strikes and removes many good options we chose to ignore that could have addressed the issues in a meaningful manner early in the process. We then repeat this foolish behavior again and again.

    Enjoyed the clever haiku. This mantra will keep your democratic friends at bay. 🙂

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    1. I am all thumbs with musical instruments. Singing? I could not carry a tune with a forklift. So there will never be an electric (or acoustic) version of anything I write. Just bytes flitting thru cyberspace.

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